Paying Your Assessments

  • Payment in full is required by February 1. If payment is made after that date, late fees will be charged.  All payments must be to AWLHOA and delivered to Walsh Property Management (“Walsh”).  Please contact Walsh Property Management for amount due if paid after February 1.

Walsh Property Management offers four options for paying your assessment

  1. Send a check to Walsh for the full assessment amount (plus any late fees).
  2. Contact Walsh for an ACH form to withdraw your assessment. A fully completed form must be received in time for payment due-February 1st.  There is no fee for this service.  The payment is transferred on the 8th of the month.  You may also obtain the form from the Walsh web site – select the option “ACH Payment Form” from the home page.
  3. Pay by E-check from your checking account for no fee. Go to  walshpm.comand select Online Payments and select E-check.
  4. Make a one-time payment with a credit card for a fee of $14.95.  Select “online payment” from the Walsh home page to use your credit card.   Neither Walsh nor your association share in this third vendor fee.