Welcome to the Alameda West Lagoon Home Owner’s Association (AWLHOA) Website. For information about the Association, visit About AWLHOA.

The Alameda West Lagoon is located on the main island of Alameda, California and covers approximately four miles. It is a salt-water lagoon that brings in water from the San Francisco Bay and supports wildlife as diverse as egrets, cranes, night herons, blue herons, terns, coots, cormorants, many varieties of ducks (resident and migratory) and visiting geese. The lagoons support the City of Alameda’s storm water runoff management system.  The West Lagoon waters are owned by AWLHOA, and maintenance is shared 50/50 with the City of Alameda through its Public Works Department.  Management of the Lagoon is divided into segments from North to South:

  • Lagoon 1: Westline to Grand
  • Lagoon 2: Grand to Willow
  • Lagoon 3: Willow to Park
  • Lagoon 4: Park to Broadway
  • Lagoon 5: Broadway to Court

Lagoon Operations and Maintenance

The City of Alameda, Public Works Dept.
Phone: 510-747-7900.

Website (SeeClickFix): City of Alameda website. Enter your address, then click “Next”. Select “Lagoon Maintenance” under the “Category” dropdown menu, add an “Issue Title” and then click “Submit” button.

Lagoon Water Quality

The City of Alameda contracts for ongoing water quality testing, plant pest (algae, grass, etc.) abatement, and debris removal.  A water quality summary by Lagoon can be found in the right column.  If water quality declines to unsafe levels, Alameda Public Works posts warning signs on the impacted lagoons.  Warning signs remain until the water quality improves; two tests must pass before the signs are removed.  It is not unusual for quality to drop periodically especially after rains that wash organic material into the water.  Treatments for pest abatement are managed jointly between Public Works and the Association.  Pest management is impacted by many factors, some are difficult to anticipate or control such as human activity, weather and seawater changes.