ACTION ALERT: Lagoons 3,4, and 5

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There are continuing complaints from residents near Lagoons 3 and 5 about odor, grass, and algae. While treatments have been applied and had some effect, the situation is not yet resolved. Additional immediate action is planned.

On Thursday afternoon, 7/20/2017, Alameda Public Works notified AWLHOA that they plan to flush the lagoon system to further mitigate the issues. No impact to Lagoons 1 & 2 is expected.

On Monday, 7/24/17, Lagoons 3, 4, and 5 will be lowered starting at low tide, about 7:00am. The lagoons will be refilled on that same day. There may be a second lowering on Tuesday, 7/25/2017.

AWLHOA is taking action to notify members by Website, and Facebook. Email notification will also be sent to members who have provided their email addresses. Public Works will handle notification to north shore residents.

If there are questions, please email or contact Alameda Public Works at 510-747-7900 or 510-747-79

Lagoon lowering and raising dates

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The lowering of the lagoon started on April 27, 2017 and raising will start on May 27, 2017.
The lagoons 1 and 2 will be lowered sometime this fall (not scheduled yet), when a contractor has finished constructing a replacement weir (a small steel dam used for controlling water levels in the lagoon).

Missing paddle board

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The wind blew loose a paddle board in lagoon 2.
Please call city maintenance (510-747-7900) or AWLHOA if you find it.

Loose blue paddle boat in lagoon #1 near Willow St.

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A blue paddle boat in lagoon #1 near Alameda Hospital on Willow St was found.
Contact the City of Alameda Public Works to get your boat back.